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2018 Shorty's Block Zinfandel

$52.00 / 750 mL

Club: $39.00 / 750 mL

Maple Vineyards is 27 acres of extraordinary head-trained, certified sustainable Zinfandel sitting on the high bench-land in the sweet spot of Dry Creek Valley. The old-vines aren't irrigated, triggering stress conditions on the vines before harvest creating small grapes with big flavors.
Shortys Block is a 1+ acre section in the heart of Maple Vineyards. The block has been known throughout the 100+ years of its existence as the spice block. Due to the significant number of Carignane vines here, Shorty's Block is uniquely different from other wines from Maple Vineyards.

Tasting notes

Medium bodied with bright fruit and firm acidity. Higher amounts of Carignane give this wine more red fruit aromas and flavors such as
raspberries and cherries. The Carignane also softens the tannin structure allowing this wine to be more enjoyable at a youthful age. Toasty oak notes compliment the fruit, providing a balanced structure across the palate. Drink now or age for the next 10+ years.
Winemaker Brandon Lapides


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