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2019 Chardonnay, Russian River Valley

$35.00 / 750ml bottle

Club: $26.25 / 750ml bottle

The grapes were gently hand-pickedbefore dawn to ensure cold fruit arrives at the winery, where it was whole-cluster pressed. Wecold settled and racked the juice before transferring the juice to a stainless steel tank. 80% of the wine was fermented in a stainless steel tank, while the other 20% was fermented in new French Oak Barrels. The barrels were allowed to undergo malo-lactic fermentation, while the stainless steel wine was prevented from the secondary fermentation. Aged over 8months before beingminimally fined and filteredprior tobottling.

Tasting notes

Lemon bars, banana, and spiced peararomas escape from the glassat the first swirl. Higher tones of tropical fruit and citrus rinds become prominent as the wine opens up. The wine is bright and refreshing on the entry, yet has a smooth and silky finish. Mangos andtangerineflavors give way to a crisp, clean finish of pearand toasted almonds. Winemaker Brandon Lapides


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